The Magic of Development Delays

For quite a while I have wanted to write a post about how development delays create an emotional struggle within parents, more specifically within myself. For any parent there are days that are a complete struggle. Now add to that seeing four different therapists in the last two weeks, tracking while not judging every move your child makes, knowing that no matter what well meaning friends say your child is behind…they do things differently…there are challenges only they will face, struggling because your toddler hasn’t said any new words for 8 months yet they understand a billion new concepts, being a total helicopter parent even though you would really rather not…fact is your child just needs more help, and seeing that confused look from inquiring parents at the park “how old is he? oh… same as mine.” To be honest some days feel like poop, some days you wonder if they will ever move forward, some days you cry.

IMG_2997_fotorThen some days… the magic happens.

The last month has held some wonderful development leaps for our little guy. It is the most freakin AMAZING feeling to see him discover another layer of being. I can not really explain how elated you feel when missing pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place for your child. Yes all parents get this joy when their child reaches a milestone, but for parents of children with delays it is different.

It is different because for months, or even years, you have been watching for certain behaviour. You have been watching because you are highly aware and knowledgable due to the countless therapy sessions you have attended and articles you have scoured. Then BOOM there it is!!! and like a waterfall affect 50 more things fall into place, because that is how we learn. One foot in front of the other, one process leads to the next, the metamorphosis has a cycle.

Oh holy cow it just makes you so damn happy! Picture me skipping around the beach, ridiculously heavily pregnant, following my little man who has all of a sudden become focused on digging, tipping, pouring, sorting, posting!!OH MY!! We fill bottles in the ocean then run back to collect shells, he sits engrossed in play for an hour. A FREAKIN HOUR! A whole hour of focus where I haven’t needed to console him, save him from drowning or entertain him. No, we have just explored and played and felt joy.

IMG_3173_fotorThen this week NEW WORDS!!!! What the? did you just say? Oh gosh you did and look you said it again and that is a sound you have never made and there is two more words that sound similar and you are using them correctly and LOOK AT YOUR SMILE!

I know all parents have felt the joy, but I am sorry… it is not the same. So to all those out there who have struggled through the emotions of development delays, HOORAY TO YOU. Hooray to those moments when your heart swells and it swells for your children who LIGHT UP with the new discovery that has come to them with more time and effort then others realise exists.

These are the days when magic happens.


Books for welcoming a baby

Books, Books wonderful glorious BOOKS! It may have taken almost three years but I am finally getting the picture that if we want Boz to focus on, learn about, sing about and love something…anything…all we need to do is find some great books.

Sometime in the next few weeks the newest member of our family with be travelling from my belly to earth side. For the past month we have been exploring books that celebrate pregnancy and new babies. Here are three that have captured Boz.

Mummy Mummy What’s in your Tummy? by Sarah Simpson- Enock illustrated by Linzi West


A gorgeous little book that is full of simple rhythm and rhyme. Each page you lift a flap to discover silly outrageous things that could be making mummy’s tummy grow. A balloon? a boat? a birthday cake? The end result of course being a BABY.

IMG_3059_fotorThe illustrations are so colouring and burst off the page. About four of Bozzies favourite things turn up in the mummy’s tummy so it got his attention straight away. I also made a point of doing a big exaggerated NOoooooo and shaking my head after each page of silliness. Then a big YESSSSSS when they finally came to the baby.

There’s a HOUSE inside my Mummy by Giles Andreae illustrated by Vanessa Cabban


To be honest this one didn’t resonate with Boz much but I quite like it. Giles Andreae writes great childrens books and this has that similar flow and rhyme you may already know. I love all the familiar homey scenes that are portrayed through out the book and how the little boy uses his imagination to explain how on earth a baby would be living in his mum’s tummy. Much of what he supposes is not too far from the truth 😉

IMG_3064_fotorI like that it normalises some of those traits mum’s go through during pregnancy like eating lots of different things and falling asleep/being super tired. There is lots of care, love and curiosity sprinkled throughout so it almost feels like a book that gives you a warm hug.

One Special Day by Lola M. Schaefer illustrated by Jessica Meserve


Alrighty this is OUR favourite one, I have fallen in love with it and so has Boz. It is the gorgeous story of a little boy who is lots of things; strong, wild, messy, free! It takes you into his magical world that is full of animals and adventures. One Special Day this boy that is full of spirit becomes a brother!

IMG_3067_fotorThe illustrations in this book are pretty darn delicious, I sort of want to rip it up and frame them. The story feels so full and yet there are very few words. You find yourself being drawn into each page, pausing to take in the beauty of the moment. Its one of those ones that gets me choked up, “because for the first time ever – Spencer was a brother”.

IMG_3069_fotorWe borrowed all of these, and a few more, from the Gold Coast Libraries. Although I think I may just purchase One Special Day 🙂


Stories of Australian Indigenous Culture

As some of you may know we are a little addicted to books in our household. I have read to Boston from before he came earth side and this special activity just keeps growing in importance. Our little man is a tornado of energy, he rarely sits still and attention is easily and happily diverted at each turning moment. But BOOKS, he loves books. They hold his attention like nothing else. Through the stories he loves most he has developed different passions, the connections drive him to explore through music, art and discovery. I feel like so much of his learning has stemmed from the books we have read.

So in celebration of this fact I am starting a new section of the blog which shares some of the cherished books that come through our home. The first post features two books that share a slice of Australian Indigenous culture. It is my belief that as a nation we have very much lost connection with the amazing culture of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. One of my goals as a parent is to explore this and hopefully give our children a sense of understanding and connection with Indigenous Australia both past and present. Interestingly enough Boston has been drawn to stories that share exactly that, HOORAY!

The Lost Girl by Ambelin Kwaymullina illustrated by Leanne Tobin.

This gem of a book is packed full of beautiful bright illustrations, with gorgeous depth of colour. It tells the story of a young girl who has wandered away from her family but finds all she needs in the natural world. It is one of those books that has me choking back tears “How could I be frightened? I was with my mother.”

It celebrates that beautiful knowledge, connection and respect that Indigenous Australian’s have with mother nature. A connection that has been lost to so many in the developed world and has seen the destruction of so much natural heritage.
You and Me, Murrawee by Kerri Hashmi and illustrated by Felicity Marshall 

Another visually gorgeous book. The detail, and the emphasis on shadow and light made me fall in love with every single page. It tells the story of two girls exploring the same river bank only they live 200 years apart.

“We walk the same brown earth, you and me, Murrawee” …and I am crying again (surely it’s the pregnancy hormones?!) This beautiful story connects the lives of two seemingly different children, yet they share a fascination for the same place. For me it highlights how connected we all are even though our cultures differ we still walk the same earth, breath the same air. What a fabulous and valuable lesson to pass onto our children.

IMG_3565_fotorWe borrowed both these beautiful books from Gold Coast Library.