The resource pages of the nella inspired blog have links to lots of online articles that I have found informative, helpful or hilarious. I may not agree with everything that they state but they have had a part in forming my perceptions.

Teaching methods

Let kids learn through Play! – NY Times article talking about the benefits of learning through play and delaying academic instruction.

Why preschool shouldn’t be like school (Love this one! simple approach to maximise learning)

How Children Learn.

Report debunks ‘early is better’ academic instruction for children

What if students controlled their own learning? (TED talk by Paul Hutton, about a public school in Victoria that is doing amazing things!)

Secrets of the ADHD brain


Hackschooling makes me happy (video)

Behold: The two worst arguments against homeschooling by Matt Walsh

Home-Schooling: Socialization not a problem

Erasing Misconceptions: Setting the record straight on six Homeschooling Myths

Op-Ed: Homeschooling – DIY alternative to public education

How one mother un-schooled her children and taught them at home

Learning Resources

A book list for young scientists

The theory of lose parts

Why crossing the Midline Activities Helped this Child Listen


Double Doodling

Our year without groceries (this one took home projects to the next level)

The simple school project that sets kids free

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