Empowering Birth Stories

I had a light bulb moment one day, a moment of gratitude for the empowering birth culture that’s popped up in my life. I am actually a little gobsmacked by the amount of women in my life that have had beautiful empowering births.

I say this because the simple fact is that as women we are taught from a young age that birth is to be feared like the devil. Family tell us, friends tell us, the media tell us OVER AND OVER. I planned to have a natural birth with our first, I planned and prepared pretty darn well, but guess what? I was still waiting for something bad to happen…until boom out he came and there I sat with that gobsmacked look.

Birth is complex and there is most certainly the possibility for complications, for trauma, for loss. But for the majority of women that simply is not the case. So here is a little project I have started to balance this negative narrative of birth in our society. Here are empowering stories from people I know. Why ONLY people I know? well I think that it illustrates just how possible it is for birth to be a positive, empowering experience.

Enjoy xo

Baby crowning? Time to laugh!
Baby crowning? Time to laugh!

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