Books for welcoming a baby

Books, Books wonderful glorious BOOKS! It may have taken almost three years but I am finally getting the picture that if we want Boz to focus on, learn about, sing about and love something…anything…all we need to do is find some great books.

Sometime in the next few weeks the newest member of our family with be travelling from my belly to earth side. For the past month we have been exploring books that celebrate pregnancy and new babies. Here are three that have captured Boz.

Mummy Mummy What’s in your Tummy? by Sarah Simpson- Enock illustrated by Linzi West


A gorgeous little book that is full of simple rhythm and rhyme. Each page you lift a flap to discover silly outrageous things that could be making mummy’s tummy grow. A balloon? a boat? a birthday cake? The end result of course being a BABY.

IMG_3059_fotorThe illustrations are so colouring and burst off the page. About four of Bozzies favourite things turn up in the mummy’s tummy so it got his attention straight away. I also made a point of doing a big exaggerated NOoooooo and shaking my head after each page of silliness. Then a big YESSSSSS when they finally came to the baby.

There’s a HOUSE inside my Mummy by Giles Andreae illustrated by Vanessa Cabban


To be honest this one didn’t resonate with Boz much but I quite like it. Giles Andreae writes great childrens books and this has that┬ásimilar flow and rhyme you may already know. I love all the familiar homey scenes that are portrayed through out the book and how the little boy uses his imagination to explain how on earth a baby would be living in his mum’s tummy. Much of what he supposes is not too far from the truth ­čśë

IMG_3064_fotorI like that it normalises some of those traits mum’s go through during pregnancy like eating lots of different things and falling asleep/being super tired. There is lots of care, love and curiosity sprinkled throughout so it almost feels like a book that gives you a warm hug.

One Special Day by Lola M. Schaefer illustrated by Jessica Meserve


Alrighty this is OUR favourite one, I have fallen in love with it and so has Boz. It is the gorgeous story of a little boy who is lots of things; strong, wild, messy, free! It takes you into his magical world that is full of animals and adventures. One Special Day this boy that is full of spirit becomes a brother!

IMG_3067_fotorThe illustrations in this book are pretty darn delicious, I sort of want to rip it┬áup and frame them. The story feels so full and yet there are very few words. You find yourself being drawn into each page, pausing to take in the beauty of the moment. Its one of those ones that gets me choked up, “because for the first time ever – Spencer was a brother”.

IMG_3069_fotorWe borrowed all of these, and a few more, from the Gold Coast Libraries. Although I think I may just purchase One Special Day ­čÖé


Birth is all about options, the choice should be yours

It is almost 33 weeks since conception of baby number two and although I am not immersed in pregnancy and birth like I was with baby number one I still enjoy sinking my teeth into the birthing world. For the next few weeks I want to post about birth. Sooooo you are just going to ┬áhave to hear what I want to say….. Of course if you find it boring as bat poo then feel free to abandon the blog for now ­čśë

Like most topics that are given free rein on the internet birth can be a very very heated debate. How to do it, where to do it, who should be there, who is responsible, who is a crazy hippie, who is too medicalised, who’s feelings post birth are justified. Its FREAKIN TERRIFYING. My opinion on birth is that everyone should approach it in a way that feels best for them and their baby. I believe that being as informed as possible about the different tools available can empower women to make the decision that resonates most, whether that be birth under the care of a private obstetrician in a hospital or a private midwife at home.┬áFear is the enemy of birth, so do everything you can to feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll you have to know is…there are options. Birth doesn’t have to look like 95% of hollywood films, cue screaming legs in the air madness surrounded with bright lights and scrubs. It also doesn’t have to look like a chanting tie-dye clad goddess reaching enlightenment. There is so much in between!! I live in Australia and we have plenty of options. You can choose to home birth with a private midwife, or in some area’s home birth through the public system.┬áLike I have done you can choose a midwife clinic which has affiliations with or is within a hospital. You can choose shared midwife and obstetric care within the public or private hospital system. Most options allow for water birth if that floats your fancy (pun intended). You can choose to have an elected c-section privately or with medical reason publicly. You can birth within a hospital system along side seeing a private midwife. You can even hire a doula to support you through any type of birth. I have more then likely missed options, but you get the point.

I think the important thing for every one to remember is that you define your perception of birth. It is going to be personal and reliant on factors that are specific to your needs. You will be told what seems like a million stories while you a pregnant, as a woman you have been told stories your whole life about this journey called birth. Lots might have been quite scary, hopefully some filled you with a sense of joy and excitement. Feel free to do research into all your options, meet with care givers, if you do not like their ways or how you feel around them…feel free to find someone else. Look into tools and options you may think are crazy, you just might be surprised. For crying out loud make a birth plan! and don’t feel stupid for wanting things to go a certain way. Yes, birth can be unpredictable… Yes, be open to all possibilities…Yes, your plan may go out the window…but that is life! and it doesn’t mean we have to rummage through without vision or desire.

Finally I want to leave you with a film that popped up on my FB news feed today, it was made by Georgia from Documenting Delight and shows a beautiful positive birth. To be honest the first time I saw a positive birth video was when we did our hypnobirthing course. I really believe seeing this different side of birth can help women feel empowered and excited (I felt 100% more confident after seeing only a handful like this)…at the very least it will start to balance all the terrified screaming ones.

*listen closely at 7:44 min….yup she just said ┬á“oh that was so easy”

Musing on our number two

sometime around 21 weeks…or was it 22 weeks?┬áLet me just check my pregnancy app ­čÖé

I am now 26 weeks pregnant with our number two. I have to slap myself every couple of days to remind myself I am pregnant. It’s so different to the total immersion that is your first, where each new day brings an exciting update on the latest and greatest pregnancy app (to be honest I now use the app to remind me what week we are in). My attention no longer has the luxury of focusing inwards at every second of the day with blissful goeyness. No, its busy splitting energy between one gorgeous tornado toddler and all the other life stuff that needs to happen eating/sleeping/personal hygiene.

BUT..cause oh gosh don’t get me wrong... pregnancy is still BLISS, feeling those little kicks and swirls fills my heart with joy. I have found that without the ‘total immersion in creation’ mindset┬áI have become oh so protective of those little kicks. I don’t share them out like with our first, “do you want to feel the baby kick?” use to fly out of my mouth left right and centre. This time I smile to myself, rub my belly and keep the magic for our little family…the perfect reminder in a world of chaos to stop and┬áconnect with┬áthis new amazing being.