From that time I was a pregnant bridesmaid, just because

Last month two of my favourite couples in the world celebrated their first and forth wedding anniversary’s. I find it a pretty darn glorious coincidence that during both these weddings I got to play the pregnant bridesmaid. In fact, four years ago I was running around taking care of maid of honour duties when two days before the wedding we discovered I was pregnant. It was the most important and wonderful surprise our lives have seen thus far. A week later I wrote this entry in my diary.


Sharing just because.

” Pure joy is something to relish more often, if only I can remember to stop and smell the flowers. But of course I can, and I must, because those simple joys are so very important. To let the beauty of the world bubble up inside you, spilling over with lightness and love. We are in our new home with lots of space and light. In another six months it will be even more “our” home with little touches that will reflect us. To be honest I guess there will be one quite BIG touch that will reflect us.

A baby. I am Pregnant!

There is no rhyme or reason to it, except that it all makes perfect sense and yet has the fact at all sunk in? Not really. We all talk about it but at the moment our baby is two blue lines on a stick, a prophecy from my Aunt, a nauseous feeling in my empty stomach, a slight cramp as my uterus enlarges, cries and delighted squeals from loved ones, a faint knowing that the next chapter is upon us….An ache of the wanting to create magic…and we will.”

Dear Diary 6th March 2006

* I have decided to publish some journal entries from my past. I have been writing a journal since hmmmmm well since I could write. I hope you enjoy, this seemed like a good starter*

Life is a story to be told. Although some may think their story unworthy, this could not be true. We look to the fictitious books we read and blockbuster movies on the screen, the only difference between the characters and ourselves is that someone relayed their stories in a way we could relate to. We love them because they ring clear in our own minds.

Though the tragedy, triumph and characters may have been emphasised, are we not all the same in the end? We all love so much it makes us cry, we all go through tragedies that make us numb, we all miss someone or somewhere, all have felt triumph over the odds.

Meanwhile where is this all heading apart from the simple fact I love to write. To write about life and it’s little joys. Like the joys of telling stories. Stories give us a great connection to one another because they let us step into someone else’s shoes, let us understand a completely different view, let us realise we are not alone.

Until next time.

Love Nell