Alter Eco gives you guilt free CHOCOLATE

IMG_1897Today is just a quick post to share a pretty beautiful product. My lovely, gorgeous, amazing friend Kirsten gave me some goodies for my 29th that included a bar of Alter Eco Dark BLACKOUT Organic Chocolate. The household promptly demolished the tasty treat mmmmmmm yummmmmm…


Then yesterday Steve was examining the empty packaging when he says “have you read this…it is really cool.”

So in short Alter Eco organic fair trade products seek to nourish foodie, farmer and field. They embrace traditional knowledge and small farmers who are dedicated to preserving cultural heritage and their environment. Check out the spiel inside our demolished chocolate block…if that doesn’t give your ethical self a warm fuzzy feeling then who knows what will.

For more information check out

Yup we give a crap

1382938_10151959852896788_1251071400_nPoo is a reasonably central topic in our household. We have a one year old, which is a good enough excuse, but even before Boston came along my partner was well known for his poo stories (not yet sure if I am proud of this or just amused by it). So we were really stoked when we found an ethical poo cleaner company! Okay okay they are a toilet paper company.

I found out about Who Gives A Crap through a post on the  Down to Earth Mother Blog and I was sold within 5 minutes of perusing their website. Here is why…

1385574_10151954549201788_1762973596_nFor $30 including free postage to our door we received 48 rolls of poo paper (only $5 more then we are currently paying at woolies), Who Gives a Crap use 100% post consumer waste recycled fibres, saving trees and reducing landfill,  NO chlorine, inks, dyes or weird perfumes, YES it is biodegradable and safe in septic tanks…and I can personally promote the thick soft as silk (almost) feel. The big selling point for Steve and I is Who Gives a Crap donate 50% of profits to WaterAid who improve sanitation and build toilets in the developing world. EVERY ROLL OF WGAC PROVIDES SOMEONE ACCESS TO A TOILET FOR A WEEK.

So what do you all think? Are you going to give a crap?

note: If your wondering why such an ethical company has individually wrapped rolls here is a good response to the question from their facebook page. thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately we can’t send rolls unwrapped because of moisture and hygiene issues. We can either wrap them in paper (infinitely recyclable) or plastic (not recyclable in Australia). The largest paper pack size that can be used before paper packaging becomes too weak is a 6-pack. When we found out that our producer doesn’t have the technology to make paper 6-packs we were disappointed, but then we ran some numbers and worked out that wrapping rolls individually would only increase our total paper usage by around 0.7%. We also realised that if we reduced the length of each sheet from 11cm to 10cm we’d have a comparatively huge saving on our total paper usage! We’re continuing to work on our packaging, but we’re also focussing on the low hanging fruit that allows us to hugely increase environmental efficiency – like using trains instead of trucks (trains are 10 times more environmentally efficient) to move product around. Hopefully that helps clear up some of the things you’re thinking about!

Inspiration with Integrity

I am a big fan of the website It was created by a not for profit organisation called TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, that began in 1984.

Their mission:Spreading Ideas – We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately the world. So we’re building here a clearing house that offers free knowledge and inspiration from the worlds most inspired thinkers.
Whenever I am feeling unmotivated I just jump online and find a talk by some brilliant individual that leaves me feeling as if, yes, we can make a difference. Each yeah there is a TEDprize, awarded to an outstanding person who receives $100,000 dollars to use in a project and is allowed to make a “wish to change the world”, which is then presented in a talk at one of the annual TED conferences. Past winners include Bono, Bill Clinton and Jamie Oliver. This years winner goes by the alias JR.
I just watched his “wish to change the world”

talk and quite frankly so should you. It is truly a great story, he is an artist, a photographer, but someone who works with such integrity and thought for the bigger picture, its just, well, inspiring.
We all get caught up in life so much, the daily routine, what needs to be done, what miles stones we need to reach, what we should wear. That we tend to forget the bigger picture at times. Its nice to step back every once in a while and really consider what impact our actions are having on the world. We all have an amazing gift, life, that has given us a chance to hone our natural skills and passion. We have the chance each day to use those things to change our own lives and the lives of people around us. What are we teaching the world?
JR is an artist. The way he practices art changes the way people view the world, he highlights communities and individuals that would never have the chance to be seen if it was not for his projects.
So check the TALK out… and get involved with the PROJECT