Aunt Flo meet Cup and Cloth

So ladies have you ever been pondering at a certain time of month whether there is a better way?? …”.Ahhh no Nell we don’t, what the hell are you on about now!?”

il_570xN.595355977_b6amThere are lots of modern day items that are disposable, but why?? Modern cloth nappies are making a big resurgence in society because they save money and the earth so what else in our lives could be reusable. What happened to the humble hanky for instance? And yup you guessed it, what about tampons and pads?

Disposable pads and tampons are usually made from bleached paper pulp and plastic. The packaging on these products is very wasteful, and the pads and tampons end up in landfill contributing to a huge amount of waste worldwide.

Personally the idea of another option never crossed my mind, even though I consider myself environmentally conscious, not to mention the fact I was spending about $15 a month on natural tampons that I didn’t react to with UTI’s. Then my dear friend says “Have you heard of a menstrual cup?”

My whole world turned upside down!!! There is other options!?? what?? holy cow why didn’t I consider that before? So here is the low down ladies. There are quite a few options around when it comes to cups I have a Mia Luna, then there is Lunette, JuJu (these ones are Aussie), DivaCup etc etc. I can only imagine that cloth pads have endless choice but I bought mine through Environmenstrual (I know… the name is ridiculous good).

IMG_0031The cups take some getting use to, no more then tampons would, but they are great and I won’t be going back (check out THIS blog post for trouble shooting). I have not been a pad wearer for years but I do use the cloth ones on really heavy flow days as “just incase”, they are WAY more comfortable then disposables, I would even go as far as saying plush!!

So in closing… if you are wondering how you will get past the icky factor try washing poo out of cloth nappies, PROBLEM SOLVED. But seriously we can grow up a bit and be okay with rinsing some of our own blood down the sink, saves our pockets, saves the planet and is honestly more convenient (no more last minute dashing to the store). Who is joining the revolution???