Say goodbye to cling wrap and Bee Fresh instead!

1234874_10152232027406788_788703874_nSo I have some amazing friends who have just created a product called Bee Fresh. Adorable right? Damn straight…look at those cute patterns and little Bee stamp. So what is it? Have you ever been wrapping something up with cling wrap and thought ” Errrggh I wish this wasn’t nasty plastic or disposable”…I have, but that is where the thought stopped. My friends Kyla and Gareth found a solution, then decided to share it with the world. 100% Cotton wraps dipped in Bee’s wax! They mould over plates and food with the warmth of your hands. When you’ve gobbled up the delicious treat within simply wash in soapy water, VOILA, ready to wrap again. If the wraps get a bit crinkly from oodles of use you can pop them in the oven for 10 seconds, they come out good as new.

What do you all think? Would you use them?

Bee Fresh are handmade in Brisvegas, currently available at the West End Markets in Brisbane (you have to be early though because they have sold out three weeks running). You can also find them on Facebook @ Bee Fresh. They cost $25 for a kitchen pack with 4 sheets of varying size.