A Stay Home Mum’s Groundhog Day Ho Hums

Oh wow so we’ve reached that point again, raising your eyebrows to make your eyes feel more awake.

You’ve cancelled the tenth playdate in a row because of viral demons and here you sit, marooned on an island of green snot and high temperatures.

The house smells like someone’s spilt a bottle of tea tree oil in an Italian restaurant, or is it Asian? Sooo much ginger and garlic.

Day in, day out…you don’t seem to sit down all that much but the house is still a bomb site and your to do list never ends.

You have probably tapped out time with grandparents, but they are keeping you sane and will happily accept booga faced decedents.

Occasionally a bright idea pops into your head, but a request for the latest favourite book distracts any attempt at action.

Crap did I just boob for the 15th time tonight??? Probably, maybe, YES…teething.

Excuse me if I have nothing interesting to say, I have just had another groundhog day.

And…they just ate blue paint while I stole time to write this, hahaha ho hum this is bliss