Late night rambling….yes 10pm is late for me

This week creativity has been calling my name. I have been sort of ignoring her and bashing her down a little with facts, figures and everyday life. Yet here I am at my favourite creative outlet…writing. Sure it is a reasonably neglected past time but I still come back eventually, it gives me peace. What gives you peace?

I started this blog with the idea of a little business and seeking/sharing inspiration. So what does the present hold? Poor ole Cheeky Comfy is not so much dead and buried as taking a long nap. Now…I am a university student!
I seem to be the cliche of my generation. X that is. We fumble around discovering corners of the globe, different occupations, different hobbies. Then we hit our late 20’s, come to the decision our life needs more purpose/meaning/direction…we go and get educated. Six of my friends have commenced study in the last 12 months. The verdict? I love being a cliche.
My partner in crime and life has dubbed me a nerd, partly due to my paranoia of failing that has lead to hours of study, mainly due to my incessant fun facts. KNOWLEDGE PEOPLE! Interesting little tid-bits about the world that I never knew just flood towards me. Sure I still need a coffee to get me to the end of Wednesday but I am generally blown away by our amazing planet and the species that call it home.
Did you know… vultures eye sight is the strongest recorded at 20km, native Africans are pure homosapiens while Asians and Europeans have a wee bit of neanderthal within them (cross breeding during migration), production of the biofuel ethanol from corn actually uses more energy in production then what it gives back in consumption, if the veins, arteries and capillaries of a single human being were laid end to end they would wrap around the equator twice!
Its really amazing stuff.
I still do not know where life will take me, or even this part of life, but what I do know is I am getting wowed again and I have found some more inspiration.

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