A little thanks on a Monday eve

I just finished watching a movie that lit a bit of inspiration inside my belly. I feel poetic, despite the fact I have never written a poem in my life (well at least one that I felt in any way proud of). It is the new year, I am not too sure what it means to you, but for me at least January brings about reflection and hope. As cynical as I sometimes feel, in my heart of hearts I am a romantic and I dream about finding passion in every inch of life.

I have always felt at a loss when considering what my true passion is, what I could do that would feed inspiration and get me excited about waking up each morning. I guess I am speculating mainly in a career sense. The thing is I know something that makes me feel so whole and complete, that I love to do, that feels right and leaves me smiling from ear to ear. It is writing. But I just have never seen how I could make writing a career, in my head it seems impossible (which is a little insane considering it is an accepted and very real occupation). Until I started this blog my writing was shared with my teachers and my partner, the later occurred usually when my journal was left lying around. Now I share my love and my life with all of you.

This post is to say thank you. Thank you for letting me share this thing I love, thank you for enjoying and thank you for telling me you are enjoying. Because honestly, it makes me very happy.


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