twenty-nine and feelin’ fine

Yup I have wrinkles! LOVE IT

Yesterday was my birthday. I have been getting a few sly grins and “ooo nearly 30” comments but I am here to say loud and proud “I am TWENTY-NINE and feelin fine”.  You would have to be daft not to notice that our society doesn’t exactly celebrate getting older (well not past 21). Every magazine, television program and billboard is selling the younger looking you. I admit that being the still tenderish age of 29 I am hardly an expert on the matter of ageing but growing old is yet to strike fear in my heart, and I hope it never does. Yeah for sure there are times from childhood, adolescence and my early twenties that I look back on with nostalgia, I had some damn good times! I also love to meditate on where I am and who I am right now, it is a person I would not be without having 29 good years behind me, I have experience and wisdom that just doesn’t grow on trees. Then I look to the future…I feel so excited at what else life has in store for me, what else I can create and achieve, the places I will see, the people I will love…it is all so exciting.

I also look to older people in my life that still embrace the experience with the eyes and enthusiasm of a child. No I am not saying you should eat sand or spin spin spin till you fall down. Just see the magic and wonder in the world, embrace possibilities and hey…try something new. I see these elders and think “oh man I want to be just like that when I grow up” (then I think oh geez I am not even that adventurous now hehe). I am sure you also know people like this, or if you do not know them maybe an elder in the public eye has inspired you with their vivaciousness. See them, applaud them, then take all the inspiration you can get.

It is high time we throw all this anti ageing bullpoop off a massive cliff and into the deepest depths of the ocean. We should not feel shamed to get grey hair and wrinkles, start disappearing from society or distance our self from the youth because we couldn’t possibly relate to a teenager. We are a global village, villages are meant to work together and guess what!? Elders have an extremely important role in all of this. Who will I be in another 29 years? I am not sure exactly but I can tell you this, I am committed to becoming someone I respect, who inspires me, who breaths life into the world.

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