Turning YUK into Motivation

Grrrrrr time to vote with the dollar!!
Grrrrrr time to vote with the dollar!!

Where to even begin…hmmmm. Well for one it is midnight and I am completely sleep deprived, as parents tend to be from time to time, but I can not seem to fall asleep. Damn you sleep fairy bring me some love!! Anyway so here I am writing. This week in general has been a bit off. Boston has not been sleeping well, but there is something else too, it feels like there is a whole lot of heaviness around me and I have been feeling quite yuk about it all, for lack of a better word.

We have just had an election in Australia, the result has left me and most around me, feeling pretty bummed. I am certainly no expert in politics, I wouldn’t even claim to know the first thing about it. But there is a clear clash between what I value in life and what our new government is focusing on. In fact they are actively destroying some things I have been proud of and hold dear, like undoing the recent World Heritage listing of 100,00ha of Tasmania’s forrest. Besides the real heartbreak of this policy how ridiculous does Australia look “We are so proud of this Wilderness area that we have had it listed as World Heritage, forever protected…oh wait no no we will use it for word chips” (note statement is overly simplified for comedic purpose).

But with all the pondering on how big and bad these next few years could be, focus has shifted back to little ole me. Do I really have a right to be up in arms when my own life style does not reflect those same values I hold dear? Maybe it is human nature to think we “should” be doing more. But I know for sure I could be doing more. So when I came across a little blog called “Down to Earth Mother” and a little post about breaking up with the supermarket I began to form an idea. Could I too break up with the supermarket? Oh for so long have I had all the best intentions to go to the local markets more, start buying less meat and organic meat,  eating more wholesome meals, support the local community. But all those things get in the way, you know the ones I am talking about right? I believe they are called excuses. I am just too busy, its so inconvenient, the cost is too much, it is just hard hard hard…I mean really? is it really that hard?

So now I have a plan! I am going to make a PLAN. The next few weeks will be dedicated to finding new sources, rearranging the budget, planning meals to become more efficient and  less wasteful. I am actually really excited at the prospect of the challenge. Of course even if I can achieve this my life will be far from the perfect model of sustainable living but it is at least a step in the right direction and I won’t feel quite so much like I am throwing stones in a glass house as I shake my head at the Abbott government.

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