An Embarrassing Awakening

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am a white middle class Australian woman born in the eighties, I belong to a minority.

A couple of nights ago I had an awakening…what does that even mean? Well, do you find that although you have several facts in your head that could link together and create a piece of knowledge it can take a light bulb moment for you to awaken to what you already know? Well I had one of them and the reality of the knowledge was like a light turning on, it was embarrassing because I had never considered it, yet it seems important.

We went to see a movie called “The Butler”. In my opinion a brilliant film, great acting and a moving story based on true events, so check it out when you can. It explores many aspects of the African American fight for freedom and equality. I left the cinema feeling satisfied with the experience and with many emotions running through me surrounding the behaviour of my species. Our fear of those who are different to ourselves (which I explored in my last post “Why does his face look weird”) and the horrible, irrational and heart breaking things we do because of this fear. I sat in awe of the brave who stood up against injustice, with their heart and soul bared, willing to give everything for change.

Then as we drove home I had a moment of guilt thinking about my own life. I have never truly had to fight for anything so important. I am a white middle class Australian woman born in the eighties. I came into a world where essentials for life are my right. Where I am free to vote and to speak my beliefs. Where education and opportunity are what I am entitled to, not what I have to fight for. I have work place rights, consumer rights and my partner can not abuse me simply because I am female. Then it hit me…I am not the norm within the human population. I am part of a minority in time and space that is lucky enough not to have to fight for rights and opportunities that everyone deserves.

My world is not perfect, but I feel incredibly grateful for all I was born into… and can not help but feel that this comes with a responsibility to help those who simply were not born with the freedom and rights I was automatically entitled to.

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