Can someone please unplug me?

1470195_682698211754329_468101144_nThis may seem a funny title for a blogger…but am I the only one who feels like electronics and a constant feed of information is becoming an uncontrollable addiction?

Ever since txting became the norm I feel as if I am continually “plugging in” through out the day to check whats going on, who is contacting me (about stuff that can seriously wait till later) on Facebook/email/my blog, what is the weather doing…oooo look at that storm on BOM (how bout you just freakin look out the window), me: “no I think you are incorrect” Steve: “no you are” me: ” fine lets google it”, even checking the time consists of checking my phone. Sounds familiar right?

I am well and truly disgusted with my addiction, it constantly impedes on my day, is very unnecessary and the cherry on the top…what am I teaching Boston? In saying all of that I am not against any of the technology which is mentioned, I am against my constant need for it. Like many tools created by humanity to make life easier, being “plugged in” has morphed from something that makes life easier for me to something that rules the way I am living. Above all it is putting little disjointed moments through out my day, where my eyes are wandering to a screen instead of looking into the eyes of those around me. You may have seen this little film, it hits the nail on the head. I forgot my phone…a short film

So, my plan.

I currently have a phone case which is also a wallet. It is going to be replaced by a protective phone case (because I drop my phone like a monkey drops banana peels), a separate money/card carrier and a watch (which I have not worn since high school). My laptop which currently lives on our kitchen bench is migrating to a cosy draw, it will come out at night time so I can check all my social media outlets (which will only take all of ten minutes, not 30 seconds every hour), write my blog or do some work and hit my “google it” list. What is a “google it” list? Well this is the list of things I will jot down in a note pad through out the day that pop into my mind and would other wise vanish if I do not write them down. Stuff like 1. Search local organic butchers 2. Order some more toilet paper 3. Email amazing international buddy 4. Enter Dr appointment into calendar.

So you see my plan is not about barring all of this stuff but more a way to get a leash on the addiction and recovering all those precious moments I am losing to being “plugged in”.

Any one else out there struggling with the same addiction?

3 thoughts on “Can someone please unplug me?

  1. Oh yes!! Haha! You, me and everyone else! I limit myself to certain times of day… It’s funny how I’ve had to do that!? Seems so crazy that you can become addicted… But, that’s how meditation can really help to unplug you 🙂

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