Musing on our number two

sometime around 21 weeks…or was it 22 weeks? Let me just check my pregnancy app 🙂

I am now 26 weeks pregnant with our number two. I have to slap myself every couple of days to remind myself I am pregnant. It’s so different to the total immersion that is your first, where each new day brings an exciting update on the latest and greatest pregnancy app (to be honest I now use the app to remind me what week we are in). My attention no longer has the luxury of focusing inwards at every second of the day with blissful goeyness. No, its busy splitting energy between one gorgeous tornado toddler and all the other life stuff that needs to happen eating/sleeping/personal hygiene.

BUT..cause oh gosh don’t get me wrong... pregnancy is still BLISS, feeling those little kicks and swirls fills my heart with joy. I have found that without the ‘total immersion in creation’ mindset I have become oh so protective of those little kicks. I don’t share them out like with our first, “do you want to feel the baby kick?” use to fly out of my mouth left right and centre. This time I smile to myself, rub my belly and keep the magic for our little family…the perfect reminder in a world of chaos to stop and connect with this new amazing being.

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