Does the universe try to encourage us?

This will be a short and philosophical post, do you think the universe tries to encourage us? Now what the bugs butt do I mean when I say that, well…We all have ideas (huge assumption on my part), sometimes we have an idea and deep down in the pit of our tummy or the center of our heart something goes “YES! yes yes yes yes, I like that thought so do it again!” It feels as if whatever just sprung to our attention is really important and needs more time, more investment.

IMG_4152Then in the following days or weeks information and other ideas that compliment our initial light bulb moment begin to appear. Everything that comes at us seems to be cementing belief and encouraging us forward, whispering “turn that idea into an action”. ACTION YES! That would be the next logical step when an idea has got you all warm and fuzzy and overexcited.

This is what I mean when I say ‘does the universe try to encourage us?’

Only the thing is, many great idea’s never really get put into action. Or maybe they get put into just a little half hearted, to scared to fail, sort of action. Now I am definitely speaking for myself when I say this, but feel free to identify with me. Of late I have been having one of these inspiring universal shoves. Though, I am not completely ruling out the possibility it is my subconscious doing some pretty clever happy connections. Either way I am feeling excited and this time I want to take ACTION. Hopefully I can share my journey soon and inspire you to embrace some warm and fuzzy and overexcited idea’s.

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