Birth Story Questions

Do you have an empowering birth story that you would like to share? Encouraging positive discussion around birth is very important, it helps balance the wide held beliefs about birth that often leave mum’s to be fearing the day their babe will arrive.

For those of you who are not motivated by writing here are some quick questions that will help you share your story. You can send your stories to me through the Nella Inspired Facebook page in a private message or email

Where did you decide to birth and why?

Hospital, home, midwife clinic etc.

What did you doing during your pregnancy to prepare for birth day? and what do you believe was he most beneficial?

Yoga, Chiropratics, Acupuncture, Hypno-birthing/calm birth classes etc.

Who attended your birth and do you feel they brought something special to the event?

Midwives, doula, partner, support person

Looking back is there anything you would change about preparation or birth day?

I wish I had strengthened my legs a little more hehe

Share a moment that you will never forget 

How did your birth experience empower you?

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