blessed with all of YOU

There has been a little longer gap then I would have liked between my musings, but one must be inspired after all. When I was losing hope a beautiful thing happened…my baby shower.

To be honest the morning was a bit of an overwhelming blur for me. Like a beautiful, delicious, love filled, smiled filled, emotion filled, fantastic blur. Lace and gloves coupled with dainty tea cups sipped by smiling faces of people I adore.
So what exactly inspired me? Well all of YOU.
IMG_0650We now have a beautiful memento to carry with us and I have to thank you all. Joey’s suggestion to express the meaning of each bead and the blessings you had for our soon to arrive baby out loud for all to hear even made me nervous. Not often do we share a part of ourselves and express our love so openly. But I can honestly say that this will stay with me, not only through pregnancy and birth, but through my life, as a truly special moment in time.
It reminded me how extraordinarily blessed I am to have met such wonderful people and formed such beautiful connections. I feel so much support around our growing little family. From those we have known our whole lives to newer friendships still blossoming. I have always loved the idea of creating a network of support through inspiring, enthusiastic people, a real community for life.
We have that now, and I can not be happier to be bringing a baby into this fantastically fun, zany, supportive, open and super love filled mega extended family. So thank you, for letting your guard down and sharing yourself, it meant the whole wide world to me….and no doubt to baby Gowie who got mega loving vibes travelling through the belly.
p.s to any one else who would like to contribute a bead or a message please feel free, there is no cap on good vibes

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