Before I give birth

It is safe to say a lot of mum’s to be will experience the most wonderful phenomenon that pregnancy creates. Turning you into a giant worm hole at the centre of the universe. Sucking up peoples interest, love and well wishes. It truly gives you a massive boost in self importance, leading to slightly unrealistic idea’s about exactly how awesome you and your morphing body are.


This phenomenon coupled with my good pregnancy has equalled one blessed time. But alas the end is near, and I will attest not too soon as my body is getting just a little crammed for space. With our due dateĀ approaching faster then a speeding train I must be honest and admit I have moments of pure anxiety at the thought of giving birth. We have prepared mentally, physically and emotionally with research, yoga, hypnobirthing, acupuncture and building a dream team of support. It still remains that this life changing event brings so much uncertainty and is shrouded in scary sentiment like “the worst pain you will ever feel”. You hear so many horror stories about 20 hour labours and emergency cesareans, I have to wonder despite the preparation will this day become my worst nightmare.

So it is with trepidation that I walk half boldly toward this day. The comforting factor being that it will be at most two days, which lets face it is minuscule in the scheme of life, and that so many wonderful women have gone before me into this journey emerging filled with love and triumph. I wonder if everyone feels this mix of emotions? I also wonder how I will feel when I too, are on the other side.

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