On the eve of my first mothers day I find myself filled with love. I have been making a very conscience effort in the past week to really be aware of my world. At times life seems so hectic that one day rolls into the next and we forget to be thankful or to relish our joys.

Last night I was buzzing from a busy day of motherhood, tossing dinner together before I planned to veg on the couch for 45 minutes then climb into bed before the usual broken nights sleep. Then I stopped…I could hear Steven reading Boston a bed time story, and I took a moment to see the reality of the now I was living. I looked at the fresh wholesome food in my hands, I listened to my family and I said to my self three times, “I am at the end of a beautiful day, preparing wonderful fresh food for my family, in our home, while I listen to the man I have been in love with for over a decade read to our amazing son.” I felt very blessed, yet this is a normal night for me, so I must be one lucky girl.

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